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From 07/03/2019 to 09/03/2019 : every day (Jeudi soir, vendredi après midi et soir, samedi toute la journée et soir).


This year Vias celebrates its carnival during 3 days, from 7 to 9 March . (Program currently being validated, can be slightly modified).
Thursday 7 march opening of the carnival from 6pm to 10pm at "salle de la vigneronne" , event hosted by "festa labo" "batôn club Viassois"'cheerleaders, "pena del sol"and the colt's dancing. Mayor's and "amis du carnaval"'s president speechs. An aperitif offered by the association will conclude the evening.
Friday 8, children's carnival at "11 novembre" place with inflatables, the little colt, cheerleaders and "pena del sol"". 4pm to 5pm parade in the village's streets and return to "11 novembre" place for a candy throw.
New this year, at 6:30pm costume's meeting on the Vigneronne's steps, aperitif offered followed by the inauguration of "amis du carnaval"'s hall. Surprise! at 9:30 pm , prom in "14 juillet" place.
Saturday 9: adults carnival departing from "buffetière" at 10:30am. 10:40am: dancing'colt, 11:00am departure from "buffetière", 12:30am arrival at "14 juillet" place, "buffetière" and colt's dancing with traditional ambience animated by "les penas".
1:30 pm-4pm musical show. 4pm meeting in front of the post office to prepare the parade. 4:30 wandering's departure. 6pm "Mr carnival's death". 9pm prom in "14 juillet" place.
Herhaalt elke dagen van donderdag 07 maart 2019 tot zaterdag 09 maart 2019
. Place du 14 Juillet
34450 VIAS
+33 6 11 44 35 07

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